From:    "Richard Susilo"  
Date:  Tue Jul 20, 2004  3:00 am 
Subject:  Pos Jepang jadi Lembaga Investasi

Begitu kaya dan raksasanya Japan Post sehingga kini mulai
dipertimbangkan menjadi lembaga investasi nantinya dapat bergerak di
bidang persahaman. Baca berita di bawah ini.
Richard Susilo

Japan Post to be inspected as investment trust vendor
TOKYO, July 20, Kyodo - The Financial Services Agency is considering
directing the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission to
inspect Japan Post's investment trust operations as early as next
fiscal year, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported Tuesday.
The leading Japanese business daily said the FSA has signaled its
intention to allow post offices to sell investment trusts but apply
the same inspection and regulatory measures to the post offices as
those applied to private financial institutions.

The FSA and the posts ministry are negotiating to help the post
offices sell investment trusts and the FSA plans to submit
legislation to revise the Securities and Exchanges Law to the Diet
this autumn, the report said.

The agency is prepared to treat Japan Post as a registered
institution under the Securities and Exchanges Law like banks, life
insurance companies and other financial institutions handling
investment trusts, the report said.

In so doing, the report said, the SESC would be able to inspect Japan
Post and post offices with sizable sales of investment trusts across
the country.